Russian Children Find Lion Cub

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Most of the following is a copy and print format, we found the News Story very good. In the respect to the things children do.
In 2012 A lion cub found by school children in a Russian village is now being cared for at a nearby zoo.
The children found the cub wandering free in the southern Rostov region and took it back to their school to show their classmates and teachers.
 This News Story Never made News Head Lines
The animal was briefly kept in the school gym, until police collected it and took it to a nearby zoo – to the amazement of zoo staff.
“To be honest, we didn’t believe it when we heard it first, but police wouldn’t be making a joke,” said Rostov Zoo deputy director Irina Gribanova.
 I all most can see these children as they tried to share, “Can We Keep It”..? Well that’s what I would want to do, it would be like a puppy following me home…mom can I keep it….?
  1. Russia: Lion Cub Found By Children Now At Zoo

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