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How many of you have children..? How many of you have grand children…? Do you love them…? Do you feel that the use of children’s videos to bring a child into a website where nudity, and porn is in public view is wrong and against the Law.
 I wrote a news story at Yahoo Contributors, called, “The Story Behind Thanksgiving Photo”…then i wrote another at the was turned down because I used yahoo Library  Photos link in and at my forum. I just figured its cool to use the photos of children. or people because the photos was made available to me….ok, ill fix it, remove the photos, but I stopped, a little voice told me to check into the thanksgiving story…so I did…
 The point of this share is, a family formatted holiday shares, children, and web sites that draw in your children into porn, nudity in a public place within the net is not within the Law. The use of my name to post a porn site from Russia, and my News Story’s are turned down at Yahoo, in order that dope, sluts and …. can be seen. Well, here is the link to my Thanksgiving Share to America- on 2012…I have never in my life created a video on the net and posted it…
 The link below is a family safe Google,  Approved Link….
 If you have a yahoo account, please help me to send a message to Yahoo…. this is all wrong using a persons name and children to promote porn… it could happen to you.
 The rest of my share…

Henry Massingale,

Your submission, The Old Political Kicking of the Can, has been declined by the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Because of photos…..

This is what I found ……
My complaint to yahoo,
 When I did a search for, “The Story Behind Thanksgiving Photo”, by Henry Massingale, I found another web entry of half naked people, I did not share this……and do not approve of nudity in public, and with the use of my name…
Also out of, 7 entered posts, 3 was approved….but I have a need to know, my shares here at yahoo, that is created at other web sites makes News Headlines, but here they are turned down…I write against Narcotics, drug lords, and Government Spending….I left up two of post at my page that was turned down….
 I dis-agree with the person who rejected them because of a photo I used from at yahoo list and at the same time someone  posted under my name, half naked women, with my children photos on my one page search and just up from the story I shared…
 My complaint to yahoo as of now is un-answered…..Please do not never again use nudity, with a family share when my children are within a posting, and use my name, ever….
Sin., Henry Massingale
Owner of
Toptentogo- Powered by Google
Toptentogo’s News Network- Powered by Word 
My evidence submitted to America and the Tea Party….you will judge it on its foundation of truth.
yahoo search listings as follows.
  1. The Story Behind the Thanksgiving PhotoHenry Massingale, Yahoo! … News asked readers to share one photo, and the story behind it, … – Cached

  2. Henry Massingale‘s Contributor Profile – Yahoo! Contributor Network. … The StoryBehind the Thanksgiving Photo 11/20/2012 Remembering The Past For Today. – Cached

The Real Story Behind Thanksgiving … Credit: AP Photo. … They owned books by an English scholar, Henry Ainsworth, ……/thanksgiving-history.html – Cached

Read the true story of the first Thanksgiving feast. What did they eat? Who attended? Take the Thanksgiving Quiz. – Cached

This is the linked in porn site and nudity posted under my name….

One thought on “Add A Discussion

  1. I did not post these porn videos….and a share from ,
    she wrote,
    Reply by Lady Di 3 hours ago

    Sorry, Henry . . . I went to the link and you need a Yahoo account to post an opinion . . . I do not have a Yahoo account . . . nor do I want one. I try to avoid Yahoo if at all possible since I have a 12-year old granddaughter who also uses my computer. Here are just a couple of reasons why.


    Yahoo closes chat rooms over child sex concerns

    In 2005, as a result of media scrutiny relating to Internet child predators and after advertisers began pulling their ads,Yahoo!’s “user created” chat rooms were closed down in June 2005. As far as I could determine, Yahoo never acknowledged how many chat rooms were closed down and those which were left open.

    Source: Elinor Mills (23). “Yahoo closes chat rooms over child sex concerns”. CNET News.


    In 2006, Yahoo!’s image search was criticized for bringing up sexually explicit images even when in “safe search” mode.

    Yahoo! image search exposes school to porn
    Safe! Mode! Useless!
    Vulnerable young minds were nearly exposed to an eye-popping smut gallery by Yahoo!’s image search – running in safe mode.
    A school in Shanghai was set to ask students to enter “www” as a search term as part of a class project about the internet. On a dry run however, the teacher noticed the search via both and produced an array of net sleaze, along with a picture of a car full of bloody animal carcasses.
    Source: “Yahoo! image search exposes school to porn”.

    Since the above, I have been leery of Yahoo . . .
    Call me “old-fashioned” but I try to stick with Aol/Google Search

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