National School Security Program

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Security guard sleeping on duty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have been working on a National School Security Program, that we feel will help bring schools into the 21st Century, and at the same time format a Security Program that will work. Most of the School Security concepts will only bring a limited amount of protection.

The concept of Education, Internet Schooling, Class Room Interfacing and Security, in a format never seen before. As most wish to understand how this will work, as Teachers, teach through this program, the Monitor of this system allows Teachers to patrol a school and never leave the class room. The more eyes that monitor and the outside of a school and halls, the faster security can be raised. The quick links by the server to the Police, save time and saves lives.

Let share a insider view, with this system, a group of people at a school as one team can control a issue because of the united force of many at one time against a intruder, this will save lives, if no Security Officers are there.

Do you wish to see more and understand the foundation of this School Security Program..?

School Security Program-

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2 thoughts on “National School Security Program

  1. You cannot hire security people like the Federal Government hires screeners for the airports. You need people with the proper training and ethics, not the cousin of the locat political boss. But as usual, everything turns into a jobs program for political hacks.

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