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Dear Patriots and Friends,


I do not know how true this is but it is a long video with a lot of facts to show…the email I got,


Dear Henry Massingale,


Please find below a special message from our friends at Stansberry & Associates. They have some important information to share with you.


Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
Editor, Personal Liberty Digest™
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™


One of the most widely-read financial journalists in America has done some interesting work recently…


He says there’s an approaching scandal working its way through the Obama administration, which could single-handedly ruin Barack Obama’s Presidency… and perhaps even his entire career.


I strongly encourage you to check this out.


It’s a fascinating story, and a real eye-opener–something you are unlikely to hear about anywhere else.


And even if just half of this story is true, it could certainly have a dramatic impact on our entire country over the next few years.


We’ve posted this fellow’s full analysis on our website. You can access it free of charge, here.




George Rayburn
Publisher, S&A Research




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