The Risks Of Syria and Remembering 9/11

English: Converting Heroin Tar into "Monk...

English: Converting Heroin Tar into “Monkey Water” for Administration through the Nasal Cavities, Rectum, or Veins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most Americans are troubled over the issues we see in Syria. We see the deaths of so many at one time, but at the same time we hold a concern because we remember 9/11.

September 11, 2001- for most of us we will never forget. I as well as a great many Americans watched the tv screen unfold in front of us.
I personally wanted revenge, I hated them for what they did and was guilty for blaming all Muslims.
I set out my hand to help build a way to destroy our enemy.. it was called, the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire.
One day News Reports showed where 3 American Solders and 7 Nato Troops were killed while under orders to patrol and protect the Poppy Fields.

Images for us military patrolling poppy fields in afghanistan

At first I was stunned over the News but I was even more stunned to find out Afghan Heroin now grows in Mexico.


 600 × 400 – Borderland Beat: As poppy fieldsflourish in Mexico, heroin use …


400 × 267 – Borderland Beat: Deadly, Ultra-Pure Heroin Arrives in US..

 No matter how many TV News Networks broad cast this issue, the connection is not shown.  A United Drug Empire was formed between the Cartel, Mexico, and Afghan, because of the War In Afghan…..

It has been noted that Bin Laden was apart of the Largest Drug Empire in the World….heroin…

Somewhere from the time the,  “US Government Official”, helped Bin Laden win the War Against Russia, American Pharmaceutical Companies corresponded with Pharmaceutical Companies over-seas to format Pharmaceutical Heroin.

Federal Laws prohibited the manufacturing of heroin in the USA at that time. So the concept of this heroin for a Health Care Pain Medication, went forward.

It is suggested that a Drug Deal was formed between this Government and Pharmaceutical Companies, along with Bin Laden.

What was all the issues that went wrong within this dope deal, may never be known, but history is re-writing the cause and effect of why we was attack, the why…..all ways the why ?

The news at that time classified them as terrorist…so be it, but the fact still remains they were a part of the largest and most power-fullest Drug Empire in the world.

A matter a fact, the Cartel and Mexican Drug Lords, are involved in the very same world play, for the dollar, but US Officials fear to call them as Terrorist…

It would seem some one betrayed a dope deal and now the American People are right smack in the middle of a Drug War.


Henry Massingale

founder of the

International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire

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