Toptentogo 100,000 Visitors

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Toptentogo 100,000 Visitors

As Topentogo closes in on 100,000 Visitors, we are very happy to share with you our up coming goals and more.

At, ” “, this is just a small step from our goal as a search provider. A family safe forum where porn is not permitted. The Internet is a public place, and the respect for children will be enforced by us.

At, ” “, this site is being interfaced with over 1 Million internet sites and sales offers. This work is time consuming but the work is in being done. I wish I could share all the that is being done but I all ways like to surprise people.

Toptentogo’s Social Network, soon this site will be up graded, to handle millions of people. You may ask why I think that this Social Network will grow? I watched the move, “The Social Network”, of how Facebook was created, and the statement of, ” You Dont Get To 500 Million Friends Without Making A Few Enemies.”

The brain storm of the creation of Ning, and Facebook’s creation is what formatted Toptentogo’s Social Networks tomorrow. The why I know this is true, when I got my hand on Toptentogo.Com, after 9 year of waiting, the internet goal for Toptentogo was completed.

Toptentogo’s News Network, “”, all internet providers must have a News Network. The key to its growth is to be creative, in your News Reports. Sometimes I lack that ability, but I have stepped away from most of the Social Networks Powered by Ning because I got sick of all the emails that cluttered my life. At Toptentogo, people may only get a email from us once a month or once every 2 weeks.

People do have their eye on Toptentogo, they see I am not pushing this Network and make no mistake about it Toptentogo will grow because of the respect I give to people by not cramming this Network down their throats as if I have all the world in my hands.

When This Social Network reaches 10,000 people, we will up grade to handle the millions that will join and will find them self most welcome here.

As stated before I am a painter by trade, I do home remodeling, and i like doing this type of work. So we brought on line our first company internet site.

Toptentogo Home Service, “”, we have not started promoting this site, because of the winter, but spring is just around the corner.

This is just a little update to all and a welcome to all the members and new members to our Network. Have a safe Holiday and a thank you fo being a part of our world at Toptentogo.

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