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Right 180 is a news and information platform. In addition to being a powerful news-site which will in a very short period of time receive one billion visits per month, it is a powerful advertising platform as well. We will produce six news headlines every hour. Those six hourly headlines will be posted along with the previous twenty three hours on our members individual web page, which is absolutely free to members. During the course of the day our members will be able to access their site via computer or mobile device and choose headlines from that hour or any of the previous twenty three hours. Having made their selection they will simply put an electronic checkmark by the desired headlines and click send. For more information on this topic visit the “About Us” Section.


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Broken Heart, need money, in a simple task….well keep up with me and I will show you the first 100 sites to share at..for free, and at the same time make money. Then as you move deeper into the internet world….




 I will in 30 days cover 10,000 sites…..when you sign up at Right 180, find me…Henry Massingale, and let them at Right 180 know that the Toptentogo Network brought you on line…I will leave a day by day google link for all TO FOLLOW….This is a Team Work Program- Rebuilding American Lives…you see my network is growing and people seek work and a honest income….


  as our Team Work Group grows, it will be hard to follow all but as long as you keep the information posted here our save on your computer…the data will make you money.


You can all ways use twitter and link in your posting to you here or at your free site….


if you are a lazy cat, you will not make that much money…


 First and most important, as you share headlines with your subscribers throughout the day you will be sharing the revenue you create. Your income will vary depending on how much activity you create. On average if you are Emailing 30 friends three times per day with three or four headlines you will earn approximately $30 per month. The larger your subscriber list the more you earn. Remember the real power of Right 180 is when we all band together to support our favorite organizations together. So, you might want to consider just letting your income go to your referring group. However that’s completely up to you. But the larger your subscriber list the more you earn.


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We all know all to well what comes around every year, and I my my-self need some cash to make it happen…


For most of us winter means a slow down in work or lose of days and money.


 A small sample of the News stories at Right 180…




Published by  Jake Baker




By: Oliver Darcy


You are in for a treat.


Ed Note:  This is not one of my favorite Christmas Songs but this is a remarkable performance.  Miss this and you will have missed a very good rendition of the song.  I am not all together sure about the group but the sound is something else.


Pentatonix, an a cappella music group consisting of five members, published a cover of “Little Drummer Boy” on Nov. 25 to rave reviews on the Internet.


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Waving American flag


SUPREME COURT TO ADMIT OBAMA BROKE LAW? – President’s actions called ‘unprecedented power grabs’


Published by  Jake BakerTuesday, December 03, 2013 9:24:00 AM













By: Bob Unruh


President Obama’s three appointments to the National Labor Relations Board last year were ruled unconstitutional by an appeals court, but the appointees are still in place as the dispute moves to the U.S. Supreme Court.


“Obama’s recess appointments are unprecedented power grabs, which if left to stand will turn the constitutional separation of powers on its head,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, which has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case.


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 Now from my understanding the young are Boycotting Obamacare…..


Boycotting Obamacare


Inside the Obamacare resistance


By Sarah KliffPublished: August 1 at 2:05 pm


resistance 2


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Blog Post: Boycotting Obamacare
 Leave the Political Hat at home…The swim suite is just fine.


American bikini


 The Toptentogo Network a Authorized Publisher permitted to conduct SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING….for Right 180, or a affiliate.



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