Whois Mind :: Add-ons for Firefox – Mozilla Add-ons- Internet Scam Advisory

Many may wounder what we are doing, we are contacting all the sites we are affiliated with like Fox Fire….and at the same time creating a interface on the web….

a re-post…you see they used ICANN in their updates and well its not supported.

A company called ICANN which is a legal company, that updates websites on line, the whoismind.com takes that information and post your email address, and they demand money for them to remove their post. Russian Mob type screw-balls.
ICANN notified me by email that these people are not affiliated with them….now what happens when you send you credit card information to such site like In Russia..


Whois Mind :: Add-ons for Firefox – Mozilla Add-ons

addons.mozilla.org › Add-ons for FirefoxExtensions

Jun 12, 2011 – You want to know who is behind a domain name, an IP address, a resource and more ? Whois Mind Firefox add-on is what you need!


Fox Fire is not involved with the just used like they did with  ICANN to complete their profile.

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