WhoisMind.com- Covert Abuse of College Servers

I overlooked something and seeing how I am learning to read java scripts and comparing complaints, there was one I overlooked.

Covert Abuse of College Servers – samsclass.info

Alexa Traffic Rank for http://samsclass.info/125/proj11/subtle-infect.htm: 446,049samsclass.info/125/proj11/subtle-infect.htm

Nov 9, 2013 – UTS: I found the president’s email address here and emailed him. chatham.edu After useless notification to the website admin, I emailed the President and This is clever, and I imagine it’s a good way to persist on a server for a long time. …… http://www.whoismind.com/whois/securedata24.com.html.


I noted a story about a on line security issue with the college, may be I can help share what is at work with a very large network…I hope the following information helps you find the virus that may have been applied by WhoisMind.com.
The whoismind.com website is abusing peoples privacy and personal data, and attempting to extort money out of people who want their privacy protected. The whoismind.com  plugins, are they interfaced in this college site….? The plugins have the ability to collect personal data. If you can build a plugin then you can have a directive within the interface not seen. Built in the java scripts and hardware….is a ability to format a virus collect information and crash the sites to try and cover your trail.

 It was the input placed on a complaint forum by Edupress  that linked me to the college site problem…and the google listing I found in a search….this,http://www.whoismind.com/whois/securedata24.com.html. , you see the above info, is also what connected me to the issue…a server, a secure, sever created by people who are involved in crime….go figure, how I over looked this….

  1. Edupress
    Posted 6 months ago #
    The whoismind.com website is abusing peoples privacy and personal data, and attempting to extort money out of people who want their privacy protected.
    Whoismind.com are posting peoples private information publically and storing it online indefinitely, and then trying to extort money from those people if they want their data removed from their database.
    Whoismind.com are a bunch of utter *EXPLETIVES DELETED*
    Whoismind.com should be made illegal and shutdown
    They are criminals running an extortion racket, plain and simple, these people should be locked up.
    Posted 6 months ago #
    other “Whois query pages, all based on the same principle and they are all by the same operator!
    1. esmi
      Theme Diva & Forum Moderator
      Posted 6 months ago #
      1. Is the plugin broken?
      2. Does the plugin interfere with your theme or another plugin?
      3. Is the plugin breaching the plugin submission guidelines?
      If the answers to all of the above are “No”, then any concerns you do have regarding the 3rd party service are outside the remit of these forums and wordpress.org generally.
      the complaint forum:



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