No Debt Limit? WHY?


by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

Did you scratch your head …just a little bit at how easy John Boehner rolled over and the debt ceiling got lifted by Congress?  “Clarity” it was said, and the “uncertainty” of a debt limit was lifted so all should be OK for another year.  No sequester, no cutting back …no nothing.  That’s right, NO debt limit at all for a year so we (and the markets) should party like its 1999 all over again!  Right?

Let me tell you what I think happened and why this deal all of a sudden miraculously appeared pretty much out of nowhere.  You do know that it has been recently reported that President Obama has added another stop to his planned European trip next month right?  Yes, he  plans to meet with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (betting on whether he genuflects this time upon meeting or not is…

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