Was Twitter censored by the Venezuelan government or did a complicit media spread disinformation at Washington’s behest?

Stop Making Sense

Justin Raimondo writes for Antiwar:

[…] There was no censorship of Twitter, either of photos or text. Yet the Bloomberg story went out over the wires, was picked up by every major news outlet in the Western world, and soon achieved the status of the undisputed Conventional Wisdom. Those dirty rotten commies in Venezuela were not only clubbing and shooting their own citizens, but they also were hiding the evidence!

Except they weren’t hiding the evidence: it was and is there for all to see.

Washington’s war on the Chavistas is a matter of public record: the US government has been funding the opposition since the now departed Hugo Chavez came to power, and the heavy hand of the Bush administration was no doubt involved in a 2002 coup attempt – a brazenly stupid move that only served to cement Chavez’s rule.

Governments want to control the flow the information…

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