America’s Debit Ceiling- $128 Trillion Dollars

Government Spending for the last ten years between 2001 to 2011, “America’s Debit Ceiling Close to $109 Trillion Dollars”..
Update Debit Spending at $128 Trillion Dollars, in 14 years.
Toptentogo’s News Network- A News Free Press- Independent News Network

also, a Rock and Roll Political Update that is cool, consider the videos a must see and share.

Korn Lead Singer Unleashes the Truth

Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis unleashes a fountain of truth about the state of our society and the mind control we are under. Davis speaks his mind on the the paradigm shift, the Obama Dictatorship the Police state and how all of it is shaping the future of America.

 as for the statement of Obama Dictatorship, sounds like Media Blitz to me.


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