NYC Buildings Suspected Gas Explosion- 3 dead, 64 injured

In a chilling scenario, reminiscent of the 9/11 collapse of the twin towers in New York, an explosion ripped through a five-storey Manhattan building causing it and another building to collapse, said authorities.

The massive blast Wednesday morning near Park Avenue at 116th Street in East Harlem sent “people flying out the window,” killing three, injuring at least 64 and setting off a search for more victims feared trapped under the debris, according to latest reports.

According to a New York City official the situation was fluid and the “numbers are going to change.”

ABC News was told by a dazed source, “They were right there,” referring to the two women victims’ proximity to the explosion. Ashley Rivera, 21 said she smelled gas in the vicinity for weeks, telling NY Daily “We saw people flying out of the window. … Those are my neighbors.”

NYC buildings collapse following explosion, 2 dead 17 injured


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