Pharmaceutical Narcotics War on Drugs

The War Against Drugs are heating up, and this is only a small part of the issues.

Toptentogo’s News Networks, where Freedom Of The Press is a independent resource.

All of the photos are a part of the News Free Press and googles free photo source.
Most of of the American People are concerned over the latest shooting by people on narcotics, as it is in the real world, but when Government Officials invest into Pharmaceuticals as the Health Care Bill is being created, it, this leaves our minds open and lost in thought. Pharmaceutical Narcotics from Mexico to China to the Afghan Heroin Empire.

The following was created by me, it was time consuming and I did my best to build it right. If a photo holds a truth, then those link in at our Social Network need to rethink their position in Office. Because this will never go away, and what is yet to come…?

 Until the end of days I will continue my fight against Pharmaceutical Heroin, and all the lies behind it.



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