Music by Leo Bowers

Leo Bowers and the TTTG Networking Team. Leo Bowers is a talented Music Artist, and our network team will bring his music into the public view, as it should be seen.
Henry Massingale and TTTG Networking have my permissions to use soundtrack: US-UH8-10-00038 “You’re So Nasty” in video production work.

Thank you,
Leo Bowers
(Leonard W. Bowers Jr.)
A Leo Bowers Promotion – YouTube…

Please Note-
TTTG Networking Agreement With YouTube
The TTTG Networking Agreement With YouTube- the YouTube Administration dose not understand the Creative Commons- CC- Share Alike Forum. Its simple, the creator of the video makes the rules and guide lines,not youtube or any person who enters and buys ups the true forum created for this CC- Share Alike Forum.
YouTube is Free To Advertise on any video posted under Creative Commons or the Standard YouTube License, up-loaded by the TTTG Network Team. At no cost to YouTube, we do not need the money.
TTTG Networking advertises and promotes, for free, the Music Artist from around the world.
We share Move Trailer Reviews, we help any one to be seen, at -0- cost. Why, well, Dear YouTube, why not…?
We at the TTTG Networking, do not need your money and we do what we do because it is the right thing to do, and our network is growing because we care.
Now this video is also a CC- Share Alike Release, you may share this content, to help other understand more about Creative Commons. The true life of Creative Commons, the creator of the video or music is by Law the Copyright Owner, and through CC- Share Alike, the creator makes the rules to govern their creativity and creation their-in.
Henry Massingale
owner of the TTTG Networking…
agreed to by TheOne Rama

TTTG Networking- CC- 2.0 Cinema…

Leo Bowers Promotion- This Leo Bowers Promotion, is brought to you by TTTG Networking, in Agreement with Leo Bowers.
Leo Bowers’s song- Your So Nasty

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