Military Aerosol Spraying of North & South Dakota

The Military Aerosol Spraying of Depleted Uranium on North & South Dakota has been exposed by the TTTG News Networking team. This video will show a Manhattan Project against the Lakota Indians.
Military Aerosol Spraying of Region 3 of Northwest Territories, information listed, , listed as Fort Smith Region, Fort Smith Region was a former Statistics Canada census division, one of two in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It was abolished in the 2011 census, along with the other census division of Regions, and the land area of the Northwest Territories was divided into new census divisions named Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6.
City Yellowknife, within the Dakota Territories, The Black Mountains, are Tribal Owned, and contains the one of the largest Uranium Deposits known. But tribal elders will not allow the US Government to dig it up or they are protesting the United States Government again.

Protect our sacred water!

Nuclear Tests on Indigenous Lands

The Curse of Uranium in the Black Hills- To the Lakota Indians of America’s Great Plains, the Black Hills of South Dakota are sacred ground – the site, legend has it, where the first humans entered the world.

Stratigraphic and Structural Controls of Uranium Deposits on the
Mountain, South Dakota

First Nations in Alberta

Look my friends, our team and news network personal find this of a concern. Why / Because of the use of it in Iran, and Iraq, we have taken the time to research your data, and the creation therein, it would seem that the use of Depleted Uranium by the Military is by all means a (WMD) Uranium Weapons. This Depleted Uranium has caused the death of many people in Iraq and Iran, also the United States Military Personal has brought this element home causing birth defects to their children.
It should also be noted that over 11000 US Military Solders have died from this Depleted Uranium in weapons. In the Gulf War, the news is coming out that over 400,000 American Troops have been exposed to this element, most are sick and will die.
We have took the time to pin point one of the areas exposed to this Military Snow, and it is close to the Dakota Badlands.
The report did not give the Depleted Uranium Finger Print, of where it came from, so so far our team has found that Tennessee and Iowa is the two states listed for the data search.
A large team of Anonymous Activist have united with us, and it should also be noted that this will go before a review panel for News Networking Public Health Warnings.
Consider our little news network to be the first in a data search in support for you and the safe keep of the American People.
Music is by the Lakota People


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