Canada, Australia, and Japan Issue Warning over GMO Contamination


Source: Natural Society, by Christina Sarich

Civil society organizations from Canada, Australia, and Japan visited Europe’s GMO-FREE EUROPE Conference 2015 in Berlin 6-8th May, carrying this warning. Jessica Harrison, Coordinator of the GM-Free Australia Alliance (GMFAA), said:

“Learn the lessons from our countries – GMO is not worth the risk. If it’s allowed, you will have GMO contamination of non-GM crops and nearby land for many years to come. GM canola was first grown commercially in 2008 in Australia. We find GM canola weeds on roadsides, truck spillages have dispersed GM seeds, and GM pollen has contaminated honey. GM-free Tasmania is still eradicating weeds from GM crops´ trials in the late 90s.”

We’ve been warning about GM contamination risks for a while at Natural Society, but the USDA doesn’t seem to want to contain the issue. This, while three major countries jointly issue a warning that genetically modified organisms…

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