Jeffrey Epstein Was Hacked by Anonymous on YouTube

Two very wild and powerful videos, released by Anonymous Anony, has done damage that I do not think even the Media can fix the mess.

First video,

Council on Foreign Relations You Have Been Found Guilty– YouTube

Council on Foreign Relations You Have Been Found Guilty, for protecting Bill and Hillary Clinton. Is she worth it, as we’ll as Bill Clinton, are they worth it, Hillary has a big mouth, and is stupid, and her lack of protection in national security maters, the emails, the lady by her own mouth and hand said to hell with all of you and your rules for security, and she got hacked.
But, now, the media cover up because of children being molested by Bill Clinton…..
CFR, are they worth it ?
Where are the children America ?

Second video,

Jeffrey Epstein Was Hacked by Anonymous– YouTube

Published on May 29, 2016

Jeffrey Epstein’s, computer was hacked a long time ago, while this government administration under President Obama,Hillary Clinton,
Bill Clinton, and the District Attorney of Palm Beach County Florida, tried to hide the child porn scandal, because of this

Jeffrey Epstein’s Hedge Fund Investments which made him a Billions Dollars, the Hedge Fund is the selling of state, city and federal municipalities. property built with American tax dollars. This by its self is one hell of a scandal to sell off America to the Russians, China, or even the Arabic Nations.
But this is not what I wish to share, a operation against
Moppetdollz .com was ordered, on November 17, 2014 the opt went forward, Anonymous Activist submitted images to members of, the images were loaded with a virus, a very special virus, to track the activity of these people.
Jeffrey Epstein’s child porn images were found and compared to a hidden link,http //pics nonufix com/ Epstein cpu= at
But while in Russia Epstein along with Bill Clinton, we noticed that the owner of ,a Mr. Nikolajs Buts of the Russian Federation has changed his profile 10 times and moved his world to another place in this world.
When Anonymous Threatens Moppetdollz .com Over Child Porn, they should of listen, because as of now we can and have connected.
We will show Americans the true ability of what can be exposed.
We Are Anonymous
We Do Not forget
We do not forgive
Expect Us

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