Trump Advisor Survives Assassination Attempt Days Before Inauguration & ISIS

The plot thickens, there seems to be a stupid is a stupid does, to Assassinate Donald Trump. Has the Democratic National Committee lost their minds. They seem hell bent to have a war with patriots.

A close Donald Trump advisor revealed this week that he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, just days before the Jan. 20 inauguration date. 

Republican operative Roger Stone says that extensive blood tests prove that he was poisoned after he became unexpectedly ill several weeks ago.

Trump advisor Roger Stone survives assassination attempt ahead of inauguration reports:

“I am generally a healthy person. I have been a runner and a weight lifter. I am very careful in my diet. I’m a user of the Infowars supplements. I have been treated with acupuncture by perhaps the greatest acupuncturist in the state of Florida if not the United States,” Stone told radio host Alex Jones.

Stone went on to describe that his symptoms presented themselves first as a “routine stomach virus,” but that he eventually grew “exceedingly ill.”

“So I ultimately went to the doctors at Mt. Sinai hospital in Miami Beach, my own personal physician. They conducted extensive blood tests. Those blood tests were passed on to CDC.”

“The general consensus is that I was poisoned,” Stone says.

“I was poisoned with, they now say, a substance that may have been polonium or had the characteristics of polonium. This made me exceedingly ill. The conjecture of all the doctors was that I did not receive a large enough dose to kill me, but I have never been this ill.”

Polonium-210 is a radioactive substance that releases extremely harmful alpha particles throughout the body producing cancer-causing free radicals. It has been used in numerous high profile assassinations, including that of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, and was suspected in the death of former PLO leader Yassar Arafat.

Stone went on to contemplate who may have been behind the possible assassination attempt, fingering Democrat opposition and the intel community.

“Who would want to do this to me? I am an enemy of the deep state. I think people know that I was an insider in American politics I was close to power in nine presidential elections. Everything Glenn Greenwald says [about the “deep state”] is true,” Stone claimed, referring to a recent The Intercept article which outlined how the intelligence community is attempting to stifle Trump.

“The Republican/Democrat Bush Clinton deep state has manufactured this Russia fraud. They have compounded it by pushing a clearly fabricated document.”

“Perhaps the fact that I’m effective on behalf of my beliefs has something to do with it,” Stone theorizes.

At the same time, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are both planning extensive terrorist attacks in Washington DC this Friday, during Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, but one must ask, why did Hillary Clinton and the DNC build ISIS…?

ISIS plan massive attack at Jan. 20 Trump inauguration

As thousands of protestors descend onto the Capitol and millions watch the ceremony on television, ISIS militants will commit a “Nice-style” massacre aimed at creating the maximum amount of damage possible.

The Sun reports:

Nearly two million people are believed to have packed the streets when Barack Obama was first inaugurated in 2009.

The ISIS article urges jihadis to do whatever they can to cause “Nice-style” carnage at “excellent target” events like the inauguration, the Star reports.

And they are not the only ones.

Rival extremist group Al-Qaeda is also encouraging its followers to launch attacks on the momentous event.

The terror organisation used its own propaganda magazine Inspire to direct fanatics to use explosive-laden drones to attack crowds in the “target rich” area, the Star reports.

Another edition of the sick publication confirmed this strategy.

It instructed believers to target places “flooded with individuals, e.g. such as sports events in which tens of thousands attend, election campaigns, festivals and other gatherings [sic]. The important thing is that you target people and not buildings”.

Security will be tight at the inauguration and outgoing President Barack Obama has met with his national security team to discuss security preparations for the event.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday that the president met with his team earlier that day and directed them to maintain a “high state of vigilance” during Friday’s ceremony.

Washington is currently a maze of barricades and detours in preparation for the ceremony to inaugurate Trump as America’s 45th president.

Posted on January 18, 2017 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in News, US

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