CNN President Jeff Zucker Threatens Trump

The FBI is aware of comments made by CNN NEWS NETWORK, President Jeff Zucker who warned President Trump that unless he changes his “adversarial relationship” with CNN they could incite a conflict with the Middle East and China in order to spite him. “FBI ‘Aware’ Of CNN Boss Inciting Terror Against President Trump”

The FBI is aware of threats made by the head of CNN who boasted that the network would incite a conflict with the Middle East in order to spite Trump.

A spokesman said the agency is investigating complaints raised by citizens that claim CNN President Zucker made “terror threats” and said the decision to prosecute will rest with the US Attorney’s office.

In an interview with New York magazine published Monday, Zucker said, “One of the things I think this administration hasn’t figured out yet is that there’s only one television network that is seen in Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Pyongyang, Baghdad, Tehran, and Damascus — and that’s CNN.

“The perception of Donald Trump in capitals around the world is shaped, in many ways, by CNN. Continuing to have an adversarial relationship with that network is a mistake.

This statement by Zucker says a lot.

It says that CNN don’t report real news. They only report what they want the people to hear. They create the “perceptions” that they want you to have and they are based off politics and favors, not facts.

Zucker has just admitted that CNN plan on sabotaging diplomatic relations if they don’t get their way.

It’s an admission that they push propaganda. It’s an admission that they are fake news. It’s an admission that they are treasonous.

Since when does a news agency control the President of the United States? I don’t see Trump taking this sitting down. He doesn’t exactly respond favorably to bullying or strong-arm tactics.

What these butthurt, delusional legacy media has-beens don’t realize yet is, all of those countries and their governments monitor President Trump’s Twitter account over CNN by a massive factor. South Korea has even appointed a ’Twitter Officer’ with the sole job of monitoring Trump’s tweets.

These countries don’t need or watch CNN for anti-Trump propaganda.

We need to have the new FCC Commissioner urge a Congressional investigation into whether this outfit is guilty of treason against the United States. CNN should have their FCC licenses reviewed and possibly revoked, along with any other mainstream news that attempts to hold the President of the United States to ransom by threatening to broadcast smears and lies into the most unstable regions in the world.

One of the most important things Trump can do right now is repeal the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which makes it legal for the government to use propaganda on the people. Obama amended that law during his presidency, for obvious reasons – now corporate propagandists like CNN have got out of control.

Right now, CNN can point out the fact that it’s “legal” for the government to propagandize the people, so why not them? Trump needs to strike this law immediately.

President Trump needs to strike that propaganda order immediately and hold a press conference about it, demanding they stop and if they don’t, warning them they will be charged with crimes if they continue to subvert our country with the position they hold.


Political Correctness, will not stop CNN, and I saved the image Shut The Hell Up CNN, this will not work. Trump did not become President by being political correct, in his ways.

Trump can take away the Government Funding, The George Soros Foundation and associates will step in. Even the Weather Channel is owned by the Rothschilds.

So a offer is on the table here, unless you guys think our team can not destroy CNN. And by the way seeing how the Rothschild Family own the Federal Banking System, called the EU, now do you all want to win or not………?


All I Can Say Is:



Edits by the TTTG Networking Team, Posted on January 24, 2017 by Baxter Dmitry in News, US


The Tea Party Command Center

I need your help.

Are you as sick and tired of the CNN big-mouth lies as I am?

They are no longer loud buffoons adding their nauseating voice to the off-key choir of the Lame Stream Media but have become a vicious attack dog for the liberal crime machine.

What can we do to shut them up? Nothing illegal but something proactive sending a clear message to their hierarchy that we are as mad as hell and we are nothing going to take it anymore.  

I need to know what you think would work. Be creative and get into the conversation.

Please share your ideas with the rest of our members!

Thx. Steve:


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