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Attorney General Bondi’s Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing

This week I announced that my office entered a settlement with Toyota Motor Corporation over unintended acceleration caused by accelerator entrapment and “sticky” accelerator pedals. Twenty-nine other states also joined this $29 million settlement that requires Toyota to make operational changes and full disclosures about its resold vehicles. Toyota must pay $2 million to my office to cover investigative costs, attorney fees, and future enforcement efforts.

Misrepresenting a vehicle’s safety endangers the public and violates Florida’s consumer protection law. I am pleased that Toyota cooperated with our office and has agreed to protect consumers by reforming its operations.

Pam Bondi’s Office Enters Settlement with Toyota over ‘Sticky’ Accelerators, Sunshine State NewsManatee County gang member sentenced to 13 years on RICO charges, Bradenton Herald

Jacksonville woman charged with Medicaid fraud in $400,000 scam, Florida Times Union

Pam Bondi on a Roll: Duval County Resident Arrested for $400,000 in Medicaid Fraud, Sunshine State News

Duval County business owner arrested on charges of $400,000 Medicaid fraud, Jacksonville Business Journal

Protecting Floridians

Attorney General Bondi’s Office Announces Sentencing of two Central Florida Gang Members to Combined Total of Nearly 19 Years in Prison

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced that two gang members have been sentenced to a total of nearly 19 years in prison. In two unrelated cases, the Office of Statewide Prosecution prosecuted Danny “Midnight” Duran, a member of the SUR-13 gang, and Christopher “Fat Boy” Austin, a member of Cross-Fletcher Hot Boys gang. Click here to read more.

Attorney General Bondi Announces the Arrest of Duval County Resident for $400,000 in Medicaid Fraud

Attorney General Pam Bondi announced the arrest of a Duval County woman accused of stealing more than $400,000 from Florida’s Aged and Disabled Adult Waiver Program. The Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit charged Edna Lorraine Watkins, 34, with two counts of Medicaid provider fraud and one count of grand theft. She is accused of billing Medicaid for services that were never rendered and billing for services to recipients who were ineligible for Medicaid. Some of the people to whom she claimed to have provided services were in jail at the time the services were supposedly rendered. Click here to read more.

Attorney General Bondi’s Office Announces $12 Million Settlement with Victory Pharma, Inc. Over Kick-Back Allegations

Attorney General Pam Bondi, 44 other attorneys general and the federal government reached a $12 million settlement with Victory Pharma, Inc., resolving allegations that VPI provided unlawful kick-backs to health care professionals to persuade them to prescribe their drugs. Florida will receive more than $46,000 as part of this settlement. Click here to read more.

Bill Gates Sued For Forcing Staff To Watch Child Rape And Murder

Microsoft staff were forced to view photos and videos of “indescribable sexual assaults”, and “horrible brutality” including the rape and murder of children, resulting in severe post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a lawsuit filed against Bill Gates and Microsoft.

The complaint, filed on behalf of two former employees and their families, outlined the “inhumane and disgusting content” the moderators viewed on a regular basis and alleged that the psychological impact has been so extreme that the men are “triggered” by simply seeing children and can no longer use computers without breaking down.

“It’s horrendous,” said Ben Wells, one of the attorneys who filed the suit in Washington state, where Microsoft is headquartered. “It’s bad enough just to see a child get sexually molested. Then there are murders. Unspeakable things are done to these children.”

Microsoft staff were forced to view footage of children being raped and murdered, according to a lawsuit filed against Bill Gates.


Pope Francis Decrees ‘We Need A Global Central Bank’

New World Order demagogue Pope Francis has rung in the new year by calling for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank” to rule over financial institutions and the increasingly unruly masses.

Acknowledging that a central monetary authority will mean a loss of sovereignty and independence for nation states, as well as a loss of freedom for individuals, Pope Francis claims that such “costs” are well worth the overall societal and economic gains.

New World Order demagogue Pope Francis has rung in the new year by calling for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank”.
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Investigating Pizzagate by : TTTG Networking Team

Dear President Obama, lets just be honest about it, your man exposed himself, I have to admit when I seen the photos released by him, no doubt you have the wrong people in the Democratic Party. As for Hillary Clinton, from my understanding she has been hacked 101 times, so what part of her mistakes will become a issue for the American people and the security for their lives, that you guys swore to protect.

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Hello to all in Washington D.C., a share of information is for you. As we move into 2013 to 2016, I still have a need to know, why have you turned you back on children addicted to Pharmaceutical Narcotics…?

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