California Company Caught Using Recycled Pets In Dog Food

A California-based pet food company has been caught using recycled pets as cheap protein in its popular dog food. Party Animals is recalling two lots from its line of Cocolicious Dog Foods after cans in Texas tested positive for pentobarbital — a chemical that’s used by veterinarians to euthanize pets.

A California-based pet food company has been caught using recycled pets as cheap protein in its popular dog food.  In a statement on its website, Party Animal said a customer in Texas had given Cocolicious samples to a lab and the dog food tested positive for pentobarbital.

It’s not the first time a pet food company has been exposed using recycled pets in their product. Back in February Evanger, a pet food company based in Illinois, recalled its dog foods after cans tainted with pentobarbital were making dogs sick.

How did it get in the food?

Pentobarbital is a barbiturate that’s commonly used by veterinarians for euthanasia. So how is it getting in the food?

The pet food industry is almost completely unregulated and in the quest for the cheapest possible protein, companies are using euthanized cats and dogs as ingredients under the “animal byproduct meal” name.

It’s an industry secret that generic “meats” and “meals” can contain euthanized domestic animals. The disturbing fact is commercial pet food companies are feeding dog meat to dogs and cat meat to cats.

If a pet food contains “animal byproduct meal” then pretty much any animal that’s not a bird can be in the food, including animals that were euthanized.

Dog eat dog

It has became so bad that cats and dogs that regularly eat certain brains of commercial pet food have built a tolerance to the drugs.

Veterinarian Dr Patricia Jordan says: “I was around and saw all the foods that contained pentobarbital 20 years ago. At that time the vet community was unable to sedate animals with serital like they had been previously for short term anesthesia … the reason? The animals were getting the drug in the food and getting resistent to the drug!

The disturbing trade in domestic dog and cat bodies often begins at the veterinary clinic. After euthanizing old and ill animals, some vets will offer to “take care” of the bodies.

A friend of mine who worked in an Animal Hospital chastised me when I had to have my dog “put down”; not for having her euthanized, but for leaving the body with the Vet.

She said they put the euthanized animals in a freezer and sold them to be “recycled” into pet food.

“It seemed strange that the Vet encouraged me to leave her body with them, that “they would take care of her”.

Do you know what your dog is eating?

The next phase of the disturbing trade takes place in rendering plants.

These enormous facilities, operating 24 a day, recycle dead animals, slaughterhouse wastes, and supermarket rejects into various products known as recycled meat, bone meal, and animal fat. These products are sold as a source of protein and other nutrients in the diets of dairy animals, poultry, swine, cattle feed, and domestic cats and dogs.

One estimate states that some 40 billion pounds of slaughterhouse wastes like blood, bone, and viscera, as well as the remains of millions of euthanised cats and dogs passed along by veterinarians and animal shelters, are rendered annually into “animal byproduct meal.”

Rendering plants recycle material including:

  • Slaughterhouse waste such as heads and hooves from cattle, sheep, pigs and horses, blood, bones, etc.
  • Thousands of euthanised cats and dogs from veterinarians and animal shelters
  • Dead animals such as skunks, rats, and raccoons
  • Carcasses of pets, livestock, poultry waste
  • Supermarket rejects

Because rendering plants operate as cheaply as possible, they unavoidably process toxic wastes.

As well as euthanasia drugs given to pets, flea collars and pet ID tags, surgical pins and needles, cattle ID tags and green plastic bags containing dead pets from veterinarians get churned in the mix that becomes “animal byproduct meal.”

cats-dogs-foodCats being shipped to a rendering plant.
Skyrocketing labor costs are one of the economic factors forcing the corporate flesh-peddlers to cheat.  It is far too costly for plant personnel to take the time to cut off flea collars or take spoiled T-bone steaks out of their plastic packaging.

Since these foods are exclusively used to feed animals, most state agency spot checks test for truth in labeling such as: does the percentage of protein, phosphorous and calcium match the rendering plant’s claims; do the percentages meet state requirements? However, testing for pesticides and other toxins in animal feeds is not done or is done incomplete.

So what can you do?

If you buy processed pet food, read the ingredients on pet food labels carefully and educate yourself about what terms like “animal byproduct meal” actually mean.

Ideally, pets should eat unprocessed whole foods – just like humans.

If your pet is euthanized by a veterinarian, insist on burying the body yourself. Out of respect for the animal’s life, and out of concern for the health other animals, do not allow the veterinarian to “take care” of the body.

84 thoughts on “California Company Caught Using Recycled Pets In Dog Food

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  2. Reblogged this on rpangell and commented:
    Make your own dog and cat food from rice, beans and veggies. The dog food poisonings of 2003 in Illinois and then in 2007 in california, and how many other states had poison cat and dog food.. Dog food is made out of dogs and cats, and horses and other rodents tossed into a vat.. and dogfood should be tested fro human DNA too- and the missing persons end up in dog and cat food and even fast food.

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  4. Complete nonsense…there aren’t any horse slaughterhouses in the U.S. so no horsemeat in dog food anymore – AAFCO has strict rules as to what can go into various meals – hooves and horns are specifically excluded. Road kill & dead pets aren’t allowed in pet food – they go into fertilized.

    • Dear Ass…This longtime journalist has news for you. Two things, We just had major recalls for euthanasia drugs found in commercial dog food sold in the US. The drugs which harmed many dogs(including four deaths) arrived in the can because commercial canned dog food often contains rendering plant ingredients. Do you know how many people are tasked with checking to see which animals are “processed” at rendering plants? Would that be more than five? for the entire country? As for horse slaughter houses, did you think all slaughtered horses were tortured at slaughterhouses? Golly gee, could there be anywhere else or any other modaility that results in horse parts ending up in canned dog food? hmmmm.. My neighbor’s ancient Friesian just died recenlty, to be carted off to the rendering plant, in toto. Commercial dog food companies buy rendering plant offal, including all parts of horses. No one inspects. EVen purebred dogs(such a tax dodge, isn’t it?) will be fed this crap. Instead of purebred, inbred dogs, adopt a shelter animal. Have a heart, don’t make breeders rich.

      • I am a dog breeder, I am not rich, far from it and no tax breaks either. We love our breeds very much and are very devoted to their preservation, pouring huge amounts of time, love and money into them. Inbreeding can and does happen with cross breeds and mutts just as much too, most responsible breeders of pedigree dogs have been working toward increasing genetic diversity for some time now successfully. If people want to adopt, great but wanting a specific pedigree puppy or dog from a responsible breeder is not a crime either.

        • I both agree and disagree with your comment..First off I know there are a lot of bad breeders out there, and I commend you for not being one of them.I also worked with a nurse who did breeding on the side with her own dog. It was not a dog rape situation, they either mated or they did not, she would just try another full breed dog for the mating..I totally agree with adopting unwanted dogs including muts..we have too many unwanted dogs sitting at shelters. But I had this discussion with another friend of mine, she bought all 3 of her dogs from breeders, they are all small full bloods, but all are spayed or neutered because she does not want to increase the population. I had a few spark letting words on her about her buying only full bread dogs instead of getting shelter dogs..Her response made sense to me but only after I stopped repelling her words. Her exact words were as follows. she said that she is unable to ever have any children of her own, and a couple times she did get mixed breed dogs and both times they died after only a few short years both from genetic problems. She explained to me that she mourned when they passed away just as I would mourn if my child died. She said her intentions were for her to have her dogs last a full healthy life and since she started having pure bread dogs they have lived 4 times longer . So every time when one gets old and dies she will only replace that baby with a full breed dog. She was holding back the tears as she told me her story..Because I was able to have children I had never been able to really connect and totally understand the mind set of a woman unable to bear children..but she made me see her reasons.

    • You may not be aware that there are there is a slaughterhouse in New Jersey that does slaughter horses for pet food. And yes, horsemeat has even been found in Burger King hamburgers.

    • u r so wrong horsemeat is in ur stores marked prod of can mec nz aust. wake up where do u think our horses bison are going? yes its illegal blm is rogue and we pay billions a r to kill what we cherish. dont be fooled by the fda who suck and promote gmos too.wake UP!this is a fact! and many have kown it for yrs!

    • hate to say this but there are horse slaughter houses in usa im 54 and have been working in animal fields for 42 year, am a vet tech, animal handler, trainer, but yes it’s true there is to much animal abuse in our country and aldi foods was even busted for putting horsemeat in their tubes of labels hamburger i will not buy any tubes of meat.

  5. What if you can’t bury the body? I have cats, and they’re healthy, but I was planning on having them cremated whenever their time comes, and I’d ask for the cremains. I live in an apartment, so I have nowhere to bury them.

    • That’s what I have done. When we had to put our dogs down, we took their bodies directly to the mortuary for cremation. They did a wonderful job and small cedar box/urns were provided along with a paw print and fur snipping.

    • sadly i just run into the same problem when i had to put my cat of 18 yrs down, but knowing the clinic and vets i knew i was safe and i requested to know where he was being cremated and put them in check before they did it that i would have stars ashes tested, it cost more but they cleaned the burner and he was cremated alone instead of with other animals and the farmer even made me a heart shaped cement plaque of state back paw.
      as far as all these other posts going on i live in iowa right in the heart of meat plant slaughter houses amish puppy mills crocked pet stores, most of my career has been with animals rescues, as i moved home from washington state after shutting down 2 puppy mills turning my neighbor in for animal abuse, resulting in him getting 42 horses removed. Result of that in that small area i got jumped while out bedding down my horses, so had both legs broken 3 ribs my sternom major head wounds teeth broken out, by my neighbors freaky worker. now back home in iowa being slowly rebuilt.animal abuse is wide open in our country.

    • I don’t think that your vet will always give you the true remains of your pet. I have been told that the vets cremate several pets at one time (they cremate several animals at once to save on firing up the oven for each indivicual animal) and that several animals remains are mixed together and they just divide the remains up between the animal owners who had their pets cremated, so you don’t know what you are getting back from your vet after cremation of your beloved pet, probably the remains of several different animals mixed together. That would piss me off and break my heart if that happened to my pet and then I was given the remains of other animals mixed in with my pets remains. We must all be more aware of what is going on around us because those bad people are out there and they are the people we trust the most with our pets and that we would never suspect for a second that will do these unspeakable acts to our precious pets and hurt us and break our hearts.

  6. THIS is how we got MAD COW DISEASE; Scottish farmers were feeding dead cows to live ones, resulting in the prion that causes Variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease or “Mad Cow”. Cannibalism is not only disgusting, it can be deadly.

  7. I am sickened and now I will never buy pet food again, I am cooking human grade meat for my 12 cats from now on, even if I go broke doing it. What a vile industry and VETS actually make money selling your dead pet?? NEVER leave your deceased pet with the vet, bury them at home and treat your pet like you would a human that passed away

    • If they don’t try to kill pets with food, then for sure it’s the vets with the Rabies Vaccination SCAM which is FINALLY being exposed ! Please, whatever you do, do NOT vaccinate without titer testing first thru Kansas State Vet Lab
      Protect the Pets with John Robb.

    • Just a heads up for the health of your cats. Cats need taurine, make sure the food your cooking has adequate levels of this amino acid or your cats will die and I mean that literally, they will die. Look up the importance of taurine on Google. If you’re interested in an ethical company making cat food, look up Orijen, they use EU standards even though they make their food in the US and Canada. They are aggressively diligent about sourcing. But if you’re not, cooking your own food for your cats is amazing, just make sure they’re getting all the vitamins, nutrients AND taurine that they need.

  8. This is truly disgusting, it should be illegal to say the least! Any company that uses this “byproduct” in its pet food line deserves to be boycotted and publically shamed.

    • Except that they mass-cremate animals all together, so the ashes you got are probably a mix of some other “batch.” They can not, and will not, guarantee that your animal is the one you bring home in the urn.

      • I beg to differ on this one I personally know our local pet crematorium and if you are getting your ashes back your pet is cremated alone. This not withstanding the small amount of ash possibly left from previous cremation the ashes you get back from most reputable places are 99.9% your pet.

        • I paid for the personal cremation of a pet, and I better not ever find out they lied. I think over the years it’s been done for pets, this would have been exposed by someone too.

        • I agree Shelly. I just went through it last year and they gave me a choice to be cremated with other animals or alone and I paid the higher cost and had my dog alone. In the ashes was a little metal charred tag with numbers and I ask about the tag because my baby wasn’t wearing his collar or tags and they showed me the paperwork and explained that he was tagged and matched the numbers on the paperwork. The person that handled his little body even signed the paperwork and his little death cert. I picked his remains in three days and they were in a tiny wooden engraved box. I stayed and cradled him during the euth. because I wanted him wrapped in his blanket and they handled him with great respect before and after.

      • It depends; You have to pay extra to have a separate cremation so you can get his/her ashes back. In Québec it is around $200 and more for the separate cremation. You also have the right to go the facility so you can see for yourself!

      • I heard that if you request the cremains, your pet will cremated separately, but of course, they can’t guarantee that you will receive all of their ashes (that any won’t be left behind) and that you won’t receive a small part of the ashes of another animal; and that if you don’t want the cremains, then those animals are mass-cremated together. I guess it depends on the company, but because of your comment, I’ll be looking into it once the time comes (which hopefully won’t be for several more years), and I’ll see if my vet can send them to a place that guarantees I get the ashes of my boys, and not a hodgepodge of cats.

    • One of our beloved pets, Pebbles a cute (slightly overweight) black toy poodle, was buried in a flower garden with a homemade “tombstone”…I like your idea better. Do you keep the urn displayed, I’m assuming, or do you spread the ashes in a respectful manner?

  9. Friends…they ALL do it. I’m in the process of getting several brands of dog and cat food gentically tested. Our results will crush the entire pet food industry.

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